One visit to the Boardwalk at Lighthouse Pointe and you’ll feel like you were taken back to a time gone by. A time when things were simpler and life seemed just a little less hectic. A time when there weren’t any shopping malls or department stores, but rather quaint little shops and eateries lining the street – where you could get everything you needed and enjoy yourself all the while. Now, even though such a time may be a thing of the past, the feelings and spirit of those days live on at The Boardwalk at Lighthouse Pointe.

Once completed, The Boardwalk area will feature retail shops, restaurants, movie theaters, and a landmark lighthouse with a viewing tower. Visitors will find a beautifully designed and built area that lends itself to the nautical feel and Craftsman style that makes up all of Lighthouse Pointe. The Boardwalk is sure to be an attraction for families and visitors of all ages and will add to the overall uniqueness and appeal of the gorgeous community.